Dew Kim's exhibition «Apocalypse Kiss»
Center Stage continues the exhibition series of the 2020 international open call winners. Dew Kim's (South Korea) exhibition Apocalypse Kiss has opened at Fragment space in Moscow.

Apocalypse Kiss is an exhibition by the artist Dew Kim from South Korea. Dew Kim has done queer sci-fi works since 2018. Usually, his work begins with a simultaneous moment in which the destruction of mankind and the birth of a new species occur at the same time. These moments are also descriptions of personal desires and pleasures and moments of diaspora intersecting. The order of the world seeking completion or completion is expressed elsewhere as the force of oppression. Kim's work destroys the self-oppressive world by destroying the self within the structure of that oppression. The process of destruction, in masochistic terms, is both pain and pleasure. This space of destruction is neither subject nor object. Just repeated destruction and debris from it lead the story. And the fragments are, after all, post-humans. In other words, the timeframe of his work is both a moment of destruction and birth. These moments do not fall into any logical category or language system. Kim thinks the starting point of art, religion, and identity lies in the critical point of change and collision. The exhibition talks about a queer practice to try to make or coordinate these changes and conflicts into a new form and to erase existing normative boundaries.

«Purple Kiss ♡, 2018» explores the process of how homo sapiens evolve into posthumans through shamanism. The future of mankind depends on a shaman, known as HornyHoneydew, who has undergone extensive spiritual preparation for a ceremony that will transform humanity. On the appointed day when Venus shines brightest in the sky, the shaman performs a ceremony to transfer souls into the bodies of a new human race. Homo sapiens, who are struggling to survive on a dying Earth that is increasingly similar to the toxic atmosphere of the planet Venus, dream of prosperity again by mutating into posthumans. Through gender, sexuality, religion and science, Kim speculates about what it is to be posthuman. By evoking the sound and look of a K-pop video, <Purple Kiss ♡> is a critical examination of dualistic heteronormative ideas that dominate Korean culture and society. Kim deploys shamanism in order to champion expanded notions of non-binary genders like that of the Two-spirit concept found in indigenous North American communities.

«Kiss of Chaos ☆, 2020» views the concepts of 'queerness' and 'gender', the boundaries of which become blurred as they get more fragmented and expand along a spectrum, through the lens of Shamanism. His project «The Old and Wrong Way of Seeing Things, 2020» adopted its title from a derogatory description of Shamanism, the beliefs and practices often associated with North Asia which used to be denigrated as the 'black faith' by Western people. Understanding binary concepts such as good and evil, heaven and hell, cause and effect, and subject and object as religious 'divisions', the artist investigates the persecution of homosexuals from the perspective of the Western religions and the magical practices and roles of Korean Shamanism, which is seen as oppositional to the Western religions. Kim focuses on the physical performances commonly found in shamanic activities and attempts to re-examine the relationship between shamanic practices, rituals, and visual expressions from K-pop by using the lens of queerness.

About the artist:

Dew Kim (1985, aka Huh Need-you) lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. His works have been exhibited at Alternative Space Loop (2021, Seoul), Osisun (2021, Seoul), out_sight (2020, Seoul), The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (2020, Seoul), VBKÖ (2020, Vienna), Grey Project (2018, Singapore), Lützowplatz, Berlin, ICA (2017, London) among others.

Exhibition dates: 21 October – 11 November 2021

Phone: +7(495)740-84-38
Address: Moscow, Potapovsky pereulok,12

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