PASHA's exhibition «Cvetik-semicvetik»
Center Stage continues the exhibition series of the 2020 international open call winners. PASHA's (Russia) exhibition Cvetik-semicvetik has opened at Fragment space in Moscow.

Cvetik-semicvetik is an exhibition by PASHA who is an anonymous project. He was born in USSR, in the year of Brezhnev's death, PASHA was in the vacuum of Soviet reality, where there was an awareness of his sexuality, an understanding of his difference from jis peers, in the complete absence of any information about the existence of homosexuality. This greatly influenced the formation of his personality as a man and as an artist. His artistic practice in the field of visual arts began about 10 years ago, in the last four years he has entered the field of working on personal projects, and only recently he was able to decide to talk about very important questions for himself. His work explores themes of personal past experience, bullying and discrimination, stereotypes and xenophobia, identity and self-identification.

Without revealing his face and to a certain extent maintaining anonymity, he shows his ordinariness and vulnerability by exhibiting the nude, imperfect body of a gay artist as an easy target of modern Russian society. He also uses his body as a tool, that alongside with graphics, objects, and other mediums acts as an instrument of expressing an idea. The veiled face of the artist, on the one hand follows the stereotypes about the closeness of the gay community and the idea of the existence of many amateur photos of homosexuals made with hidden faces. On the other hand, a naked body with a closed face acts as a generic and depersonalized image of an average gay person.

In his practice, he brings up personal and even intimate topics, however not going directly into the widespread area of LGBT community life related to sex, pornography, and provocative materials. It is important for him to show moments from personal, mostly negative, experiences in combination with sincerity and humor. Working with contrasts and oppositions, he tries to create funny in a way images that encourage one to think about serious things.

Thus a series of graphic works with Disney cartoon characters, which he was obsessed with during his childhood and early adolescence, juxtaposed with phrases of bullying by his classmates. His innocent fascination with the characters of these cartoons coincided in time and age with the period of bullying in school.

In the series presented at the exhibition, the intimate content of his past is revealed to the viewer giving birth to PASHA – the artist's alter ego, which has long been in the shadows. On behalf of PASHA, he appears in the online space – @go_pasha_go instagram to present his work. In the near future he will start working on the following topics: stereotypes and cliches of our society on what a boy/man should or should not do, how it affects the development of individuality; imaginary abundance and unlimited opportunities to find a partner for any purpose by means of modern Internet space and dating apps; stereotypes in the LGBT environment, division into types, imposition of stamps and stereotypical perception, xenophobia and discrimination within groups and more.

About the artist:

PASHA is an anonymous project. The exhibition Cvetik-semicvetik at Fragment is the artist's first solo exhibition. PASHA doesn't reveal his face and to a certain extent maintains anonymity. On behalf of PASHA – the artist's alter ego, he appears in the online space – @go_pasha_go instagram to present his work.

Exhibition dates: 21 October – 11 November 2021

Phone: +7(495)740-84-38
Address: Moscow, Potapovsky pereulok,12

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